Adventures in Oils - Tridoshic Body Oil

I love this book -

Latley I've been making all sorts of things with essential oils in them. I recently bought the book "Skin Cleanse" by fellow holistic health coach Adina Grigore and owner of the lovely S.W. Basic skincare line. Her book is amazing and full of recipes for all sorts of things.

Yesterday, I made some deodorant and toothpaste. The deodorant is AWESOME. The toothpaste was mega disgusting...whomp whomp. I used some doTERRA essential oils in both products and I especially love the blend I used in the deodorant. It's called Clarycalm and is specifically used to balance women out during their moon time or cycle or period...whatever you like to call it, I'm partial to "cycle". 

Anyway, I smell awesome and I'm nourishing myself in a way I usually forget to when the sh*t hits the fan. I love that I'm killing two birds with one stone in one simple recipe. While I can't share her specific recipe from the book...let's just say it involves baking soda, a gluten free starch, coconut oil and essential oils. It took me 5 minutes to make enough for 2 months. I bet a Google search for something similar would get you good results. 

What I can do for you today is share a super yummy recipe for body oil I've made. You'll need a few things but it feels so silky and sacred every time you use it. 

"Abhyanga" is the Ayurvedic practice of anointing oneself with warm oil from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes. 

When done in a certain way this self massage is said to increase circulation, remove toxins, calm the nerves and soothe the skin.

The recipe I'm sharing today for herbalized oil is considered "tri-doshic" or good for all. If you happen to know your constitution, choose Sesame or Almond oil for Kapha and Vata and Coconut or Sunflower oil for Pitta.

If you don't know your constitution, here is a wonderful quiz to take. When in doubt, opt for sesame oil (not toasted). 

Tridoshic Body Oil -

Tridoshic Body Oil

You'll need: 
3 cups of carrier oil 
A spoonful of rose petals and/or 8-10 drops rose essential oil 
A spoonful of lavender buds and/or 8-10 drops lavender essential oil 
1 cinnamon stick 
10 cardamon pods, cracked a bit 
8 whole cloves 
4 star anise pods 
1 vanilla bean, sliced down the middle

Gently warm your carrier oils in a pan if some of them are solid at room temperature. Allow it to cool and add in all the ingredients. Stir well and transfer to a glass jar(s) and let it infuse for 4 weeks or more in a cool & dark place. Shake every few days if you remember. Strain and store for future use.

*If giving as a gift, I would present it unstrained, as it looks so beautiful! You could even tuck in a note telling them how to strain and use the oil.

Adventures in oils -

So, I don't usually mention doTERRA oils a ton. 

I use them at home and totally love them.
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Some of those who are underneath me are really going for it and working on making some serious income from themselves. I love that and support them fully.  Personally, I'm not planning on taking over the world with essential oils, health coaching and sacred space making keeps my hands full. I joined doTERRA almost 2 years ago totally unaware of how much I would truly like what the company makes. If you are interested in them I'm happy to share what I know with you, whether you use doTERRA oils or another brand.


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