well-fed & happy

I adore my clients. Here's what some of them are saying about my coaching and online programs ...

" I did the spring 2014 Deeply Rooted Cleanse…although I call it a "revival" rather than a "cleanse." Never have I experienced an eating program that brought so much joy and connection to the earth. There was not a single moment where I felt deprived.  I remembered how much I love cooking, have expanded my palette exponentially and feel so great in my own skin now. The official cleanse ended 10 days ago and I'm still going strong. I have no desire to eat sugar, gluten or dairy whatsoever—and these were my vices before I started. Now, our whole office is eating this way and joyously sharing recipes and preparing food for each other. Deeply Rooted brought me back to  my bliss and I can't recommend it enough."

— Tali Edut, Astrostyle.com

I have been reflecting on our work together last month. I think that in the beginning I was very lost and out of control. I think in many ways I had given up on ever being able to make a real change. It was very defeating...I am really so pleased with how far we were able to go. I think that my thoughts about overeating definitely started to shift in such a good way. I had many victorious feelings. This was wonderful!!
— Carrie
"Stephanie's coaching style feels like a mug of warm tea with one of your close friends. She is bright, honest and has a ton of amazing skills in her arsenal. She is supportive and open while offering suggestions and advice is the best way possible. I'm excited to continue to work with Stephanie and can't wait to see how things shift in my life because of our work together."


— Angie Wiseman

This next year is going to be full of even more growth!!! I know our month together isn’t over yet but I wanted to tell you that I definitely want to continue working with you......I want to keep going.
— Celia

"The Universe sure knows how to bring beautiful souls into my life. My first session with Stephanie was won through an online giveaway a couple years ago and I will never let her go! She is a bright shining gem, full of knowledge and gentle guidance on how to love yourself as you are right now. Through her coaching and cleanses I’m learning how to listen and be kind to my body and spirit. It’s a daily practice and she is always there cheering you on. You know how you feel after curling up next to a warm fire with a hot cup of tea for a moment of quite reflection? That is how cozy and full I feel after chatting with her or finishing a cleanse. Thank you love, you rock!”

— Joanna Otten,  Twisted Whimsy Designs

I cannot say enough about this amazing woman and highly recommend Stephanie’s programs! I was introduced online to Stephanie in January 2012 through a close friend. I signed up for Stephanie’s 10-day “Love Your Body” cleanse and I will admit, I was anxious about the process. This woman changed my life - YES! - I need to shout it from the roof top! Stephanie’s recipes are easy, healthy and absolutely delicious. And I discovered I am gluten intolerant which has helped my health in oh so many ways. The entire cleanse was an experience on how food relates to my body and soul. Stephanie truly cares and takes the time to invest her whole self in your wellness.
— Jeanne Tierno, Artist
‘’I am in love with Stephanie’s tender approach to holistic wellness. She listens closely to me and crafted a protocol that felt freeing and not restrictive, working with me in a natural, organic and compassionate way. Above and beyond her work as a health coach, she has become a safe + sacred space for me and I’m honored to call her a dear friend. As a result of her intuitive nurturing I am learning more about how to care for my body than ever before in a way that feels gentle and healing. She has infinite patience and no ego or judgment and I recommend her to everyone I know who desires to enter a nourishing relationship with their bodies and lives.” 

—Hillary Rain, SpiritSoulEarth.com

NOW, is the best I have felt in such a very long time !!!!!! I just can’t tell you how great I feel and am proud of my self for doing ‘my best’ at this time...How can I thank you for helping me to get started on the road to ‘loving myself’ into wellness ... After ALL these years (probably 50+ - Uuugggh!) of feeling horrible both physically and mentally. Food and weight and my self image have always been an ‘issue’ for as long as I can remember. I feel like I am now finally on the road to recovery! THANK YOU!!
— Jeanette Granke
Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 4.35.49 PM.png
"I  worked with Stephanie when I was trying to get my eating back on track -- and I wanted to approach it from a healthy holistic way - and not the way I had in the past. Stephanie was warm, intuitive and patient. I immediately felt at ease -- but I also knew I couldn't pull a fast one on her.  As a coach myself, it is easy to talk my way out of really facing what the issue is.  Or perhaps that I'm not really ready to deal with the issue just yet.  Stephanie has an incredible ability to identify where a client is and to meet that client right there, without judgment or expectation.  There came a point in my work with her that I wasn't being receptive to coaching. The timing just wasn't right for me. Stephanie spotted that right away and gently asked about it. And although it meant she was coaching a client out of working with her, she knew in her gut that I wasn't in the right space to continue. I think that takes an incredible amount of integrity, courage and wisdom -- all of which Stephanie has in spades.  On top of all that, she's also just a lovely person who oozes magic and light. Thank you Stephanie for inspiring me both as a coach and as an authentic life lover."

— Debbie Ferreira

Working with Stephanie has changed my life. I’m a casual community herbalist and consider myself fairly educated about health and nutrition, but had gotten myself into a boredom rut. Her 10-day cleanse instantly put the fun back in my healthy lifestyle and encouraged me to be creative again. I tried things I swore I would never try, that ended up completely changing my health because she is just so casual about it all. No pressure, no expectations, just the honest desire that you feel good. She makes it easy and safe to be adventurous. But the best part of working with this sweet dear woman is the way she nurtures you through these tough health transitions. With gentle guidance and fierce support, she is the loving hand around your shoulder when you just don’t think you can do one more day. She is the devoted fan on the sidelines that doesn’t scream and shout, but instead simply looks confidently in your direction, and with a gentle nod and a bright smile says, “You got this. I believe in you.” And she really does.
— Latisha Guthrie
"After having taken part in Stephanie's seasonal detoxes AND having the good fortune of having her as a coach, I can say that Stephanie's warmth and caring personality shines through in whatever she does.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of her tribe.  The detoxes have been so inviting, nourishing, tasteful and above all, encouraging.  They have left me entering seasons with ease, lightness and certainly much needed mental clarity.  During our coaching sessions together, Stephanie has been a breath of fresh air with her unique perspective and guidance, and these sessions have helped me to further dig deeper into the areas in my life that need it the most.  Thank you Stephanie for being that light! xo"

— Dimple Mukherjee , Whole Self Consulting