Hello sweet love.

I am so honored you chose me to be your guide. I will be in touch shortly to schedule our sessions together. Our first session will consist of a health history intake review, yummy conversation and some radiant goal setting. I'll be sending that Health History form to you very soon,  so keep a look out. Just fill it out as fully as you can and e-mail it back to me 48 hours before our first session.

We will meet every other week during your month of coaching (2 times). Sessions will typically last from 50-60 minutes each. Once our session has ended you will receive a follow-up email from me, usually including your goals for the next 2 weeks, the date and time of our next session, helpful links you may need and handouts as necessary.

I am available through email in between sessions to answer any questions or give you additional cheerleading and support as needed.  I will return any e-mail from you within 48 hours but usually sooner. I do not return e-mails from Friday 5pm through Sunday, any e-mails sent during that time (which is totally fine ) will be returned on the following Monday.

I can't wait to learn more about you and how we can create a sacred and supportive circle for you to begin your healing journey in.